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Photograph by Carmel J Attard
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Avro Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XL387 of the Scampton Wing landing on R/W 24 at RAF Luqa, Malta in April 1965. 387 was delivered in the free-fall role with 200-series engines to No 230 OCU in June 1962. It was retrofitted with 301 engines and the Blue Steel fit in 1964, returning to service with the Scampton Wing in February 1965. It was converted back to free-fall in May-September 1971 and was transferred to No 230 OCU in August 1972. 387 was transferred to the Waddington Wing in January 1973, serving with No 101 Squadron (August 1973) and No 50 Squadron (August 1975). It was retired to St Athan in January 1981 and sold for scrap in June 1983.

Copyright © Carmel J Attard

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