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Photograph by Carmel J Attard
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Avro Vulcan B2 XH562 of No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron at RAF Luqa in November 1976 with members of the Malta Aircraft Enthusiasts. The aircraft is readily identified as 562 by its unique combination of a 44 (R) Squadron badge and a gloss finish with red/blue national markings. 562 was delivered to No 230 OCU at RAF Finningley in December 1960. It was transferred to the newly-forming No 35 Squadron at RAF Coningsby in April 1963 and returned to the OCU in September 1963, serving till April 1964. After a retrofit, 562 reentered service with the Cottesmore Wing in August 1965 and was transferred to Waddington in February 1966 and back to Cottesmore in April 1968. The Cottesmore Wing moved to Akrotiri in early 1969. 562 returned to Waddington and 44 (R) Squadron in May 1975. 562 reentered service after a major servicing with 230 OCU in September 1977 and transferred to No 35 Squadron in December 1980. 562 transferred to Waddington in June 1981 serving with IX Squadron and No 101 Squadron (June 1982). 562 was flown into Catterick as 8758M in August 1982 for crash-rescue training.

Copyright © Carmel J Attard

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