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Photograph by Geoff Parrish
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Geoff Parrish remembers:

'I saw this plaque on a bench in Woodford. The aircraft had finished trials and some foreman had the presence of mind (or opportunity) to rescue this historic aluminium label. I don't know where it ended up but I sent the picture to Flight which published it. A guy from Hendon Museum rang me to try to acquire it. I referred him to Woodford Flight Sheds to negotiate.'

Vulcan XA899 had a short but interesting life. It was the 11th production Mk1 Vulcan, delivered in February 1957, but it never entered RAF squadron service. Many early Vulcans were retained for trials and by the time the trials were completed, they were surplus to RAF requirements having been largely superseeded by the Mk2s. 899 flew with the A&AEE before being transferred to the RAE where it was used for autopilot and blind landing trials. After its flying career, 899 was used a a ground instructional airframe at RAF Cosford. Scrapped in 1973, the nose section remains at the RAF Museum at Cosford.

Malcolm Taylor Collection © Geoff Parrish.           

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