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Sqn Ldr Ken Pilbeam (centre) takes command of No 1 GSU from Sqn Ldr Vic Ayres in January 1980. The two secretarys are Betty Mattocks and Cathy Fleckney, now the Civil Administration Officer at Scampton. Holding the bottle is Flt Lt John LeBrun. The aircraft is XL445 of No 230 OCU. Previously with No 35 Squadron, 445 had been detached to Waddington in 1977 and was probably used in Exercise Giant Voice (the USAF bombing and navigation competition) in that year. Other 1 GSU examiners of the time were Leo Pinches and Terry Danby (pilots) and George Graham and George Clark (navigators).

Addition information courtesy Ken Pilbeam and Tony Davis.

Vic Ayres Collection © Crown Copyright

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