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Servicing an Avro Vulcan B2 of the Cottesmore Wing at RAF Luqa, Malta in June 1967.

'Dickie' Bird Recalls:

'Behind that fairing was a stress panel, covering the bay that housed the main bus bars and the differential mechanism for the elevons. Two little points:

  • 'The stress panel was retained by "King fasteners" which were about the most awkward quick release fasteners ever devised and a frequent unofficial mod' was to replace them with 2BA bolts and captive nuts.
  • 'AV Roe had a genius for making the simple complicated; however the differential lever system was a delightfully simple device very similar to that designed by Holcroft and modified by Gresley to operate three cylinders from two sets of valve gear on a steam engine.'

Nigel Corrigan collection © Crown Copyright

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