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Vulcan B2 XM655 is preserved at Wellesbourne and occasionally comes to life. Sqd Ldr Dave Thomas, Sqd Ldr (Ret'd) Barry Masefield and Wg Cdr Mike Pollitt (with whom the Webmaster went to school!) are pictured with 655 in September 2000. They gave 655 a full systems check, engine start and short taxi. The procedure was repeated in 2003. 655 is the youngest Vulcan still in existance as 656 and 657 have been scrapped. 655 was delivered to the Cottesmore Wing in November 1964, transferring to Waddington in January 1968. It was retired to Wellesbourne Mountfield in February 1984 and registered as G-VULC. The civil registration was cancelled the following year after it was realised that the aircraft would not be flying again without stringent conditions being satisfied. A plan to fly the aircraft in America got as far as registering the aircraft on the American civil register as N655AV but no further. Eventually the owner lost interest and the airfield owner took the 655's owner to court to recover fees. The result was that the ownership of the aircraft passed to the airfield owner.

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